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Disputes between landlords and tenants can be especially contentious.  In this real estate market, landlords cannot afford to allow lease disputes to drag on and for tenants to remain in properties without paying rent. An aggressive litigator or negotiator can ensure that unavoidable legal challenges are handled efficiently and effectively.  While landlord tenant disputes may often be unavoidable, the best protection a landlord can have is in a well-drafted lease agreement that fully accounts for the protections granted to property owners under state law. Chronis, LLC provides experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel to landlords in cases involving residential and commercial landlord tenant law.

Residential landlord tenant law

Chronis, LLC represents landlords in high-volume residential evictions throughout several jurisdictions in Northern Virginia to ensure cases are processed quickly and correctly. The firm believes in partnering with its larger residential real estate clients in all phases of the residential collections process by becoming fully integrated with their tenant management and accounting systems to lessen unnecessary and burdensome traditional exchanges of paperwork in the case initiation process ensuring accurately filed case, earlier court dates and comprehensive post-judgment reporting to assist in debt collection.

Commercial landlord tenant law

Chronis, LLC provides comprehensive legal support to commercial landlords in matters involving landlord tenant law, including—

  • Drafting of leases
  • Negotiation of leases
  • Collection litigation
  • Eviction litigation

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In real estate, time is money. The longer tenants go without paying rent, the more it costs the landlord. Quick legal action resolves the dispute faster and helps you maximize your profits. Chronis, LLC handles all real estate matters and landlord tenant disputes efficiently and effectively. Contact Chronis, LLC today for comprehensive assistance with matters involving residential and commercial landlord tenant law.